"Everywhere the path of the pilgrim is twofold: external and internal; the simultaneous movement of the feet and the soul through time as well as space"

“Light pierces the leafy canopy, Strong woman of Spirit beholds, Initiation”

"Brigid, Mary of the Gaels, beneath your mantle there is a pathway hallowed by the feet of pilgrims down the centuries leading to the eternal kingdom"

Welcome to brigidsway.ie - the website for the Brigid's Way Celtic Pilgrimage - an ancient path between Sky and Earth.

We are delighted to announce the dates for the third Brigid's Way Celtic Pilgrimage : We will start in Faughart on  Saturday 27th June 2015  and finish on  Sunday 5th July 2015  in Brigid's Monastic City in Kildare.

In 2015, we will be expanding to include an additional day walk on Easter Saturday April 4th as we have recently been added to the Irish Pilgrim Paths network.

Brigid's Way is an alignment of ancient and sacred sites in Ireland which stretches from Brigid's Well in Faughart, County Louth to Kildare.   This alignment was discovered by Anthony Murphy and Richard Moore during research for their book 'Island of the Setting Sun'.

The route passes through some beautiful and sacred Irish landscapes from Dundalk to Kildare. This alignment of sacred sites reflects the Cygnus (Swan) constellation which was prominent in the skies at the time of Brigid's birth in the 5th Century AD and is its reflection on earth of a heavenly configuration. It may have formed an ancient "sightline", pointing out the place on the north ern horizon where the cross-shaped swan constellation (Cygnus) was rising in ancient times.

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Brigid's Way Pilgrimage 2015

Saturday 27th June - Sunday 5th July

"The footprints of an elder race are here,

And memories of an old heroic time,

And shadows of an old mysterious faith."

From the Book of the Burren edited by JW O'Connell & A. Korf
Copyright (c) 2013 brigidsway.ie